We are always looking for Ph.D students and Master students to join the team, Please check the research topics and send me emails with your CV


Qiang Guan

Assistant Professor
email: qguan@kent.edu

Research Team

Zhengyong Ren

PhD student, started Fall 2018
Email: <>
Area: Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

  • MS @ Kent State University, USA
  • BS @ East China Normal University, China

Hailong Jiang

PhD Studdent, started Fall 2018
Email: <>
Area: HPC fault tolerance

  • MS @ University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai, China
  • BS @ Xidian University, China

Betis Baheri

PhD Student, started Spring 2019
Email: <>
Area: HPC-cloud system and quantum computing

  • BS @Kent State University, USA

Yuxin Yang

PhD Student, started Fall 2019
Email: <>
Area: AI for Science

  • BS @ Nanjing Tech University, China

Priyabrata Senapati

Phd Student, started Fall 2021
Email: <>
Area: Quantum Machine Learning

  • MS @ Ryerson University, Canada
  • BS @ Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Kendric Hood

Phd Student, started Spring 2022
Email: <>
Area: Neuralmorphic Computing

  • MS @ Kent State University, USA
  • BS @ Kent State University, USA

Pegah Ahadian

Phd Student, started Spring 2023
Email: <>
Area: Machine Learning

  • MS @ Shahid Beheshti University

Undergraduate Students

Thomas Moore

BS student (COF scholar)
email: <>

Terrelle Tettey

BS student (COF scholar)
email: <>


Paul Bryant

MS @ 2018.
Current: System Engineer @ New Mexico Consortium

Manisha Kumari

BS @ 2019.
Current: Consultant @ Capgemini

Chris Lenart

MS @ 2022.
Current: Hardware Engineer @ Intel

Jacob Tronge

MS @ 2022.
Current: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Rajan Maharjan

MS @ 2022.