Green Ubiquitous Autonomous Networking System (GUAN'S) Lab

We are a computer science research group at the Kent State University. Our aim is to design next-generation hybrid hetrogenous HPC-Cloud computing systems and workflow tools for current HPC, Big Data, and Deep Learning AI communities.

Our current research interests include:

  1. Fault tolerance design for HPC applications.
  2. HPC-cloud: workflow, monitoring, scheduling, and storage.
  3. Deep learning visualization: visual debugger.
  4. Big data analytics: tools and systems.
  5. Quantum computing: algrithms, compiler and system design.

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We are located at Department of Computer Science, Kent State University in Northern Ohio. We are closely collaborating with DoE national laboratories (Los Alamos National Laboratory, Pacific Northwestern National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory and Brookheaven National Laboratory), NSF sponsored data centers and industry companies.

We are always looking for passionate new PhD students, Master students and visiting scholars to join the team

We are grateful for funding from Kent State University, DoE Los Alamos National Laboratory, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud platform, computation resources from Chameleon Cloud, and donations from Xilinx


Mar 2020

Qiang organized the student quantum program competition in SELSE 2020

Mar 2020

[paper]Chaser is accepted at DSN 2020

Mar 2020

Yuxin will join LANL summer school 2020 as an intern

Sep 2019

Qiang is invited by CRA workshop, CCC Wide-Area Data Analytics workshop

Aug 2019

Qiang joined the Extended Reality Initiative (XRi) project at Kent State. He is leading the VR software team

Jun 2019

[Paper]Our collaborative paper with GaTech is accepted by SC'19

May 2019

[Lab]Welcome Shaolun and Yuxin, who are joining the lab from fall 2019.

May 2019

[Award]Our STREAM project on smart translation for multi-culture pupulations is funded by CCI Research and Creative Activity Fund (RACAF) of Kent State University.

April 2019

[Award]We are awarded by DoE Los Alamos National Laboratory for developing scheduling system for new generation HPC-cloud system.

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